What is a Risk Assessment?

A ‘risk assessment’ is a systematic process of evaluating the potential risks that may be involved in a projected activity or undertaking. ​

Child Safe Standard 6 requires schools to have strategies in place to identify and reduce or remove risks of child abuse.

Implementing a risk-management approach is a critical part of a school’s duty of care and recognition of its legal responsibility to ensure the safety of children. A structured approach provides a system of assurance and ensures that the various strategies for child safety do not work in isolation.

What do schools need to do?

Child Safe Standard 6 emphasises the importance of incorporating robust, structured risk-management processes for establishing a child-safe environment. Consideration of possible risk factors needs to be broad-based and include the diverse range of contexts, environments, relationships and activities that children within a school community engage in, as well as the varied and distinctive characteristics that they demonstrate. Where risks are identified, schools are required to implement measures to reduce or remove them.

Who can undertake risk assessments?

A professional risk assessor and security adviser should be engaged by schools and organisations to effectively identify and mitigate all safety risks to children, young and vulnerable people.

Safeguarding Services’ risk advisers are committed to identifying and mitigating risks to safety within physical school environments, including on the school sites, camps, excursions, churches and sporting fields.

Our risk advisers are fully licenced by Victoria Police, insured and highly experienced in conducting risk assessments concerning the safety of children, young and vulnerable people.

Safeguarding Services holds a Victorian Private Security Business Registration (Number 929-308-01S) which allows it to legally provide security advice such as where to place CCTV cameras, special types of locks and other measures to keep everyone safe from harm.

In Victoria, it is a criminal offence under the Private Security Act 2004 (Vic) for any person to act as a security adviser unless they are licenced. If an unlicenced security adviser is used and an incident were to occur, there is always a risk that insurance companies may deny any claim made against the organisation’s insurance policy.

To validate a security adviser’s registration with Victoria Police, please click here.

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