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ACSL Auditing

Safeguarding Services has been authorised by Australian Catholic Safeguarding Limited to undertake independent audits of Catholic institutions against the National Catholic Safeguarding Standards

National Catholic Safeguarding Standards Auditing

Australian Catholic Safeguarding Limited (ACSL) has authorised Safeguarding Services to be a member of its National Catholic Safeguarding Standards (NCSS) Auditor Register.

ACSL has established the NCSS Auditor Register to support a national, consistent approach to safeguarding across the Catholic Church. The Register can be used by Church Authorities to select a competent auditor to assess their safeguarding policies, procedures, and practices against the National Catholic Safeguarding Standards. The Register is an integral part of both the NCSS Self-Assessment Portal and the ACSL Audit process.


Audit Requirements

Safeguarding Services will work closely with the Church Authority to meet the requirements of the audit through:

  • Undertaking a desktop review of documentation;
  • Conducting site visits and interviews with various stakeholders;
  • Examining records, policies and procedures; and
  • Preparing an Assessment, Audit or Review report.