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Victorian Child Safe Standards

From 1 January 2016, most organisations in Victoria who care for children and young people became subject to the ‘Child Safe Standards’

Victorian Child Safe Standards: Protecting Our Future

Ensuring the safety and well-being of children and young people is our shared responsibility. Discover how the Child Safe Standards are shaping a safer Victoria.

Introduction to Child Safe Standards
Since 1 January 2016, most organizations in Victoria caring for children and young people have been guided by the Child Safe Standards. Updated on 1 July 2022, these 11 standards are designed to prevent and respond to abuse, making the safety of children and young people a key focus.

What the Standards Achieve

The Child Safe Standards aim to:

  • Promote Safety: Creating environments where children feel secure and protected.
  • Prevent Abuse: Implementing measures to minimize risks and prevent harm.
  • Empower Children: Encouraging children to voice their opinions and participate in decisions affecting their lives.

The 11 Child Safe Standards

  1. Cultural Safety: Respecting and valuing the diverse identities and experiences of Aboriginal children and young people.
  2. Leadership & Governance: Embedding child safety and well-being in organizational culture.
  3. Empowerment: Ensuring children and young people know their rights and are taken seriously.
  4. Family & Community Engagement: Involving families and communities in promoting child safety and well-being.
  5. Equity & Respect: Upholding diverse needs in policy and practice.
  6. Suitability & Support: Ensuring those working with children reflect child safety values.
  7. Child-Focused Complaints Process: Creating processes that prioritize children’s needs.
  8. Education & Training: Equipping staff and volunteers with the skills to keep children safe.
  9. Physical & Online Safety: Promoting safety in both physical and online environments.
  10. Regular Review & Improvement: Continuously reviewing and improving the implementation of standards.
  11. Documented Policies & Procedures: Ensuring the entity is safe for children through clear documentation.

Who Must Comply?

The Child Safe Standards apply to various entities, including schools, healthcare providers, youth organisations, religious bodies, and more. See Full List

How Can We Help?

Safeguarding Services is here to assist organisations in successfully embedding the Child Safe Standards. Let’s discuss how we can support your safeguarding journey.