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Helen Boussounis HR Principal

Introducing Helen Boussounis, our Human Resources Principal at Safeguarding Services. Helen’s seasoned professionalism and extensive experience in human resource management across various sectors make her a vital part of our team.

Versatile Expertise: Helen’s work spans professional services, education, finance, insurance, customer service, and utilities sectors. Her expertise includes developing and implementing HR strategies and policies that align with business objectives, managing projects, negotiating enterprise agreements, and introducing change management initiatives.

Financial and Commercial Acumen: With a strong focus on aligning organisational key performance indicators to employee performance and accountabilities, Helen’s financial and commercial insight ensures that client’s HR practices are in perfect harmony with their mission and goals.

Exceptional People Manager: Helen leads by example, building strong relationships and providing clear, direct, and achievable solutions in line clients’ strategies. Her skills in planning and organisational integration are particularly strong, reflecting her commitment to excellence in HR management.

Qualifications & Skills: Helen holds a Graduate Diploma in Human Resources and Industrial Relations, as well as a Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting and Business/Management. These qualifications underscore her comprehensive understanding of both human resources and business administration.

Leadership and Communication: Helen’s strong leadership, strategic planning, and communication skills make her an invaluable advisor to our clients. Her ability to navigate complex HR landscapes and deliver results-oriented leadership sets her apart as a leading HR professional.

Personal Touch: Helen’s approach to human resources is characterised by empathy, clarity, and strategic alignment. Her ability to connect with people and translate business objectives into effective HR practices resonates with our clients.

At Safeguarding Services, we are privileged to have Helen Boussounis guide our clients with their human resources requirements.