Independent, impartial investigations into allegations of reportable conduct or misconduct that may involve reportable conduct.


Our licensed and highly experienced investigators are committed to investigating reportable conduct and misconduct allegations independently, fairly, impartially and expeditiously.

Safeguarding Services’ investigators are fully licenced by Victoria Police, hold current Working with Children checks, are insured and highly experienced in conducting misconduct investigations which may involve a child, young or person at risk as either a victim survivor or witness.

An investigative interview of a child or young person is markedly different to an interview conducted with an adult. It is highly specialised and should only be conducted by a suitably qualified, experienced and licensed investigator.


Safeguarding Services holds a Victorian Private Security Business Licence (929-308-43S) to provide persons to undertake investigations.

In Victoria, it is a criminal offence under the Private Security Act 2004 (Vic) for any person (except for a solicitor) to act as an investigator unless they are licensed.

An ‘investigator‘ is defined as:

any person who on behalf of any other person, is employed or retained –
(a) to obtain and furnish information as to the personal character or actions of any person or as to the character or nature of he business or occupation of any person; or
(b) to search for missing persons.

If an unlicenced investigator is used, there is always a risk that investigation reports may be deemed invalid by review or judicial bodies so ensure that investigators are always at a minimum licenced and insured.

To validate an investigator’s licence with Victoria Police, please click here.