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Ministerial Order 1359

Ministerial Order 1359 requires all registered schools and schools seeking registration in Victoria to comply with various requirements to keep children safe.

What is Ministerial Order 1359?

Ministerial Order 1359 was issued by the Victorian Minister for Education on 31 January 2022 and orders all Victorian schools to comply with the requirements of the order. All schools must have implemented the requirements of Ministerial Order 1359 by 1 July 2022. It is important to note the order revokes Ministerial Order 870 on 30 June 2022.

The order requires all schools and school boarding premises to:

  • embed a culture of ‘no tolerance’ for child abuse;
  • comply with the Child Safe Standards; and
  • comply with the prescribed minimum standards for the registration of schools and school boarding premises.


School governing authorities (which include school councils, boards of directors, church authorities, religious bodies and principals) have responsibility for ensuring that schools meet all of the obligations set out within the Ministerial Order.

Who does Ministerial Order 1359 apply to?

Ministerial Order 1359 applies to the following in Victoria:

  • a person or body applying for registration of a school or school boarding premises; and
  • registered schools or registered school boarding premises.

What are the new Child Safe Standards?

Schools previously had to comply with 7 child safe standards, now schools must comply with 11 new standards:

  1. Culturally Safe Environments
  2. Child Safety and Wellbeing is Embedded in Leadership, Governance and Culture
  3. Child and Student Empowerment
  4. Family Engagement
  5. Diversity and Equity
  6. Suitable Staff and Volunteers
  7. Complaints Processes
  8. Child Safety Knowledge, Skills and Awareness
  9. Child Safety in Physical and Online Environments
  10. Review of Child Safety Practices
  11. Implementation of Child Safety Practices s

How can Safeguarding Services help you?

Safeguarding Services has assisted many Victorian schools to successfully embed the requirements of Ministerial Order 870 within their school community and is now helping them move to embedding the requirements of Ministerial Order 1359. Make contact with us for a no obligation discussion about how we can assist your school community.