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Preferred Partners

Our preferred partners are providers we trust and recommend in the sector for their high level of client satisfaction and expertise.

risk absorption

Risk Absorption

Our sister company is Risk Absorption, a consultancy which provides expert risk mitigation advice to organisations through workplace investigations, risk assessments, business continuity plan development and cultural reviews.

what should i do

What Should I Do?

What Should I Do? is an app that allows the user to answer a series of questions to determine what action they should take. It ensures that organisations are compliant with government regulations and that users have an avenue to seek advice in a user-friendly and time-efficient manner.



Stopline is a highly experienced, full-service externally-managed disclosure firm. They specialise in acting as the expert intermediary between disclosers and their organisation. They also support organisations to meet their legal and governance obligations in this crucial and highly sensitive area.

EC Workplace

EC Workplace specialises in providing early childhood services comprehensive support in all areas of industrial relations, human resources and management responsibilities.

ChildSafe Australia

ChildSafe Australia is a Harm Prevention Charity established in 2007. ChildSafe’s mission is to empower organisations to develop a culture of Safe people, Safe programs and Safe places for children and vulnerable people.