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Reportable Conduct

Most organisations in Victoria who care for children and young people are subject to the Reportable Conduct Scheme.

Understanding the Victorian Reportable Conduct Scheme

The Victorian Reportable Conduct Scheme was established on 23 February 23 2017 and is a vital framework that ensures the safety and well-being of children and young people in Victoria. Administered by the Commission for Children and Young People (CCYP), the scheme enhances transparency and accountability in how organisations respond to allegations of child abuse and child-related misconduct.

Defining Reportable Conduct

Reportable conduct encompasses:

  • a sexual offence committed against, with or in the presence of, a child, whether or not a criminal proceeding in relation to the offence has been commenced or concluded; or
  • sexual misconduct, committed against, with or in the presence of, a child; or
  • physical violence committed against, with or in the presence of, a child; or
  • any behaviour that causes significant emotional or psychological harm to a child; or
  • significant neglect of a child.


Any allegations of criminal conduct must be reported to Victoria Police as the first priority.

Applicability of the Reportable Conduct Scheme

The scheme applies to a diverse array of organisations, such as:

  • Educational institutions, including primary and secondary schools.
  • Healthcare providers, including public and private hospitals.
  • Residential facilities, including boarding schools and disability service providers.
  • Religious organisations, child protection services, and statutory bodies responsible for children.

Responsibilities Under the Scheme

Organisations under the scheme are required to do certain things, including:

  • Notify the Commission for Children and Young People of any reportable allegation.
  • Conduct an investigation of the allegation.
  • Report the findings and rationale for the investigation’s outcome to the Commission for Children and Young People.

Investigation of Reportable Conduct

An investigation is a mandatory part of the process. 

The Child Wellbeing and Safety Act 2005 (Vic) specifies that the head of an entity must investigate the reportable allegation or permit a regulator, or an independent investigator to investigate.

Independent investigator’ is defined as an ​”independent body or person with appropriate qualifications, training or experience to investigate reportable allegations.”

How Safeguarding Services Can Assist

As an “independent body” with a team of qualified, trained, and experienced investigators, Safeguarding Services is well-equipped to investigate reportable conduct allegations. We are committed to undertaking professional and unbiased investigations, ensuring compliance with the legal requirements of the scheme.