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Tayla Amiguet Investigator

Introducing Tayla Amiguet, our dynamic Investigator at Safeguarding Services. With a unique blend of psychology and criminology expertise, Tayla brings a fresh and innovative perspective to our investigative team.

Passion for Children’s Wellbeing: Tayla’s background in psychology fuels her passion for delivering evidence-based practices to assist children’s wellbeing and mental health. Her commitment to nurturing the emotional and psychological growth of children sets her apart as a compassionate investigator.

Dynamic Team Player: As a young and vibrant member of our team, Tayla’s energy and enthusiasm enhance our collaborative environment. Her ability to adapt and innovate contributes to our ongoing success in the field of investigations.

Valuable Experience: Tayla’s two internships with the Victoria Police Prosecutions Unit have provided her with hands-on experience in both criminal and civil proceedings. This practical knowledge strengthens her ability to navigate complex legal landscapes and deliver outstanding investigative results.

Ongoing Education: Tayla is currently completing her Honours in Psychology at Swinburne University, reflecting her commitment to continuous learning and professional development. This pursuit adds depth to her understanding of human behavior and enhances her investigative approach.

Qualifications & Skills: Tayla holds a Bachelor of Arts (Psychology and Criminology) from the University of Melbourne and a Certificate III in Investigative Services. These qualifications reflect her comprehensive understanding of human behavior and the criminal justice system.

Innovative Approach: Tayla’s unique combination of psychology and criminology expertise allows her to approach investigations with an analytical and empathetic mindset. Her innovative methods ensure that every investigation is conducted with integrity and insight.

Personal Touch: Tayla’s approach to investigations is characterised by empathy, innovation, and a commitment to excellence. Her passion for children’s wellbeing and her ability to connect with people resonate with our core values at Safeguarding Services.

At Safeguarding Services, we are thrilled to have Tayla Amiguet as part of our investigative team. Her unique skill set, dedication, and passion for her work, along with her ongoing pursuit of academic excellence, continue to inspire us all and contribute to our reputation as a leading provider of investigative services.